Media Diet: City, Dollhouse, Duckling

Somebody went and made that New York By Elevated Public Transit video we’ve all collected scraps for. And a damn good job.

I would also submit for your consideration the unembeddable video for Can’t Stop Feeling. A sight gag that stays fresh for the whole 3 minutes.

>>Free dollhouse plans

>>One of the greatest things to come out of the Occupy movement is a greater awareness among citizens of how their government works and what people’s rights are in regards to speech, assembly and public space. Notably, how those in power do their damnedest to ignore all those things. Here’s a fun little bit of home work:

>>Ugly Duckling Presse online chapbook archive

>>Projection mapping and sharpie of the sort of crystal/fractal/gridded mountains I paint obsessively. I need to get close to this and see it. Badly.

>>Article on Philip K. Dick’s Exegesis

>>”Welcome to the Official web page of The African Federation of Free States of Africa, also known as the African League for Peace and Prosperity. The Federation is an Alliance of Sovereign African States, it’s aims and purpose are to promote Democracy, Freedom and Peace in Africa.” Equatorial Africa divided by cultural groupings into potential, unrecognized states.