Bliptronic 5000’s Notes

I’ve had my Bliptronic 5000 for a few months now. Pretty fun little toy. I bought it to hack the thing but the tradeoff doesn’t seem to be worth it for my needs. Hooking it up to effects or just processing after it’s in the computer seems to do the trick. (a pitch bend wheel would be nice, though… maybe I’ll makeĀ  a box that does just that)

Anyway, the one thing that hampered me in using it in any sort of song construction is that I didn’t know what the notes were. I am not gifted with the ability to jam. I may even be tone deaf. However, I did receive six years of mandatory music class so I know my way around those notes with their names and their sharps and the bippity boppity and so on. It’s just some other kind of math to me.

After the fact, I realized that it’s nearly impossible that someone hasn’t gone and posted this exact info already but that’s not how my brain works all the time. So I loaded a chromatic tuner onto my phone–gStrings Free— and cut a strip of sticker to label the rows of buttons down the side.

C to C, no sharps, no flats. Ya got 8 notes. Go forth and rock out.